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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bishop Told to Stand Aside at Aberystwyth

Matt Bishop
Aberystwyth Town boss Matt Bishop has been asked to 'stand aside' from his role by the club's board.

Bishop, formerly Hereford's assistant manager, has been relieved of his duties with the club struggling at the wrong end of the Welsh Premier League.

A club statement read: "Following a number of indifferent performances over the last few weeks, the Club’s Board has requested that First Team Manager Matthew Bishop stands aside for the time being.

"This is in the hope that a change of management will provide the impetus for an improvement of fortunes."

But despite this, the Seasiders' chairman says there's still a role for Bishop at the club.

Tony Bates said: "I personally remain firmly of the view that Matthew can play an important role in the future development of the Club.

"On balance, I and the Board consider that allowing his excellent Assistant Wayne Jones to run the team over the forthcoming games will demonstrate to players, fans and sponsors the Club’s determination to avoid relegation.

"Once that is achieved we can regroup and put the lessons learned this season to good effect in the next."

Bates says that despite a tough start to the season, where the main aim was to avoid relegation, at Christmas it looked likely the club would achieve a top six finish.

"Unfortunately, since that time the team's performance has often been below par and as most of the team’s problems have been laid at Matthew's feet it is unsurprising that he feels acute disappointment at the team's apparent ability to commit football suicide."