Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beadle Pleased To Win Title With Six Games To Go

Peter Beadle Pictured With A Supporter After Winning The South And West Title
After it was clear that Hereford FC had won the Southern League South and West title, manager Peter Beadle spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"You've got to give a lot of credit to the players, I think they have been fantastic all season," said Beadle.

"We haven't had too many changes through the season, pretty much the same squad.

"But to win it with six games to go takes a huge effort by the players."

How did Beadle keep up with results elsewhere after the final whistle at Salisbury.

"We had this when I was at the club previously when we won at Aldershot on the last day. Then some fans started jumping around and the game had a minute and a half to go.

"Today we knew that Tiverton had lost so we knew that was one out of the way.

"And we knew Taunton were losing but it was just waiting. For us it was like patience, patience, patience, waiting to find out the result then eventually Evesham scored in the 96th minute to make it 2-0 and we knew then that Taunton were never going to score three in the last few minutes.

"So we just waited.

Peter Beadle Watches As Martin Watson Checks His Phone For The Evesham Result
"We always tend to have a debrief on the pitch anyway so we just stayed out a little bit longer than normal.

"The 600 that travelled today were spectactular again. They sang from the first minute, sang all through the game.

"Obviously at the end they were singing come on Evesham, come on Evesham. So it was just a case of waiting.

"Then once the final result came through they joined in the celebrations. They came onto the pitch but it was a different senario this time around, they came on and shared that moment with the players which I thought was really nice. 

"They danced a bit with the players and I think that's what's great about this club, the players intermingle with the supporters.

"They know the players do their best here and when they put that shirt on they wear it with pride, they want the best they can for this football club. They've been brilliant today.

"It will be nice being at home next week, playing at home in front of our fans knowing the job is done already."

Celebration day next Saturday?

"I'd like to think it would be. We always have an average of about 2500 and I'd love for all those who have been to the ground this season and watched us play to all come out and celebrate what for me is a greater achievement than last year.

"Back to back promotions are never easy, it's rarely hear of, but to do it in the way we've done it, the way the players have conducted themselves so good both on and off the pitch. So next week a celebration s long as we get the right result as well. That's vitally important that we play like champions and that we make sure the last six games in the season we do exactly that and like we've done in the 36 games upto now."

Interviewed by Terry Goodwin, Beadle was asked how he would celebrate tonight.

"I go home and it has been my daughter's first birthday this week. So I'm going home and I've got all my boys, I've got four sons, they've all come home to celebratewith their little sister.

"So I go home to the family and I'll have a glass of wine. A small birthday party tomorrow and then I don't know.

"It's hard because you are so focused on making sure that you keep winning so it's hard to celebrate it until right to the very end. But I will have maybe one or two glasses of nice red wine and celebrate with my family which will be great because they have been so supportive of me."