Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Regulant Joins Weiler

Mickael Regulant has joined Weiler, a Luxembourg club.

This piece of earth-shattering news also claims he was a former Hereford United player.

"Mickael Regulant is a French player who has passed through numberous clubs including FC Metz, Vitron Kaerjeng, Rapperswil-Jona in Switzerland and Hereford United in England."

He's not listed anywhere as ever having played for Hereford United but Bulls News did receive an e-mail from someone in January 2015 asking if Regulant could have a trial at Hereford FC.

A French full back named Mickael Regulant is looking for a club in the United Kingdom at which to trial:

Mickael is 24, has played for France U16s, UA Kaerjeng (Luxembourg, playing for them in the 2008 UEFA Europa League), the Polish Premier League and Swiss Second Division.

If Mickael could possibly be considered for a trial at Hereford FC, his email is