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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Players 'A Little Bit Off Today' Said Beadle

Peter Beadle spoke to the local media after this afternoon's 2-2 draw against Wimborne Town at Edgar Street.

"Not hugely disappointed, just disappointed", was the Hereford manager's reaction.

"We had a bad day today and there's no rhyme or reason for it.

"We haven't been quite at it but I don't want to take any credit away from them as I thought they were bright and very sharp and they caused a few problems first half especially, second half not so much.

"I thought we caused our own problems second half.

"Yes, we've had a bad day but we've managed to take something from the game.

"I just think everybody all eleven were a little bit off it today. It's unusual that you get some many people not quite at it today.

"A little bit of disruption with the change of the back four and stuff like that but Joel came in and he's played all season so it was almost the same as last week. For what ever reason it just never got going."

Both teams scored from penalties.

"I thought they were both fouls, both penalties. Really disappointed they didn't have their fellow sent off bearing in mind that Ryan got sent off for exactly the same thing at Didcot. I haven't asked the referee.

"The lad pulls him back and the rules are if you make a challenge, genuinely trying to tackle for the ball and you give away a penalty, a penalty is enough.

"But if you pull or push or anything in the box it's a sending off.

"Ryan got done for the same thing  but they've got away with it not even a yellow card. So if they had gone down to ten men that might have helped us a little bit with the way we were playing.

"But we got ourselves in front but the goals against us were poor defensively, awful goals defensively.

"Ryan and Mark switch off from the free kick, their lad steps inside and scores.

"The second one, Jamie Molyneux switches off when the first clearance comes out, doesn't react it, goes into the box again, they get a corner. Again it's a weak challenge from us, it drops in the box. 

"I can't see it properly but it looks like a foul. It's a long way from here, There were a lot of bodies in the way. But if it's a foul, it's a foul. We should have defended better than that.

"After fifteen minutes you could see the type of team they are, they want to play, they're quick, they're sharp, they're bright, they're young and they're very enthusiastic

"So why are we not ready for when they want to take a quick free kick because we try to do the same thing. We want it played quickly, so did they.

"So why are we not switched on and ready for it.  You ask the players and they can't give you an answer.

"It happens a lot, we've given away some awful goals this year. Some really poor goals and today was no different."

Several players were missing.

"Thursday night all of the back four from last Saturday pulled out of training. Ryan dropped out, Mark dropped out, Clayton dropped out and Jimmy dropped out.

"They all dropped out with knocks and niggles of one sort and another. 

"Fortunately for us Ryan and Mark were okay to play this afternoon but the other two were not fit which is why they were not on the bench.

"Tristan didn't train on Thursday, he's got a slight problem. He was on the bench today and we could have got something out of him but it wouldn't have been anywhere near what he should be producing so as are a precaution he was put on the bench.

"So we were a little bit light with numbers but hopefully with Macca coming back and hopefully the other two will be available for next week."