Thursday, February 23, 2017

No Open Chequebook Says Beadle

Peter Beadle Navigating The Steps At Larkhall Last Saturday
Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle hasn't got an open chequebook and isn't looking to add to his squad.

"It would be nice to have the open chequebook that everybody thinks we have, but we don't," said Beadle as reported by the Worcester News.

"We are quite tight on our budget and we've got what we've got at the moment.

"We're happy with what we've got and unless that changes, we won't be looking to change it any time soon.

"It's easy to say to get it wrapped up, but there's a long way to go.

"Yes the points gap is fairly sizeable at the moment, but if Taunton keep going with the way they are, that gap could go down to 13 or 14 points.

"There is no target or talk of 'wrapping it up', we've just got to take it one game at a time and keep taking points."

In the interview Beadle pours praise on striker Mike Symons.

Mike Symons Surrounded By Larkhall Players
"Mike has been as consistent as anyone this season and he offers something different.

"John [Mills] gets more plaudits because of his goals, but Mike links up well with him.

"I think some people don't recognise that, but he works the channels, tracks back and sets up play.

"Plus he has got 18 or 19 goals this season, which isn't bad going.

"He has been immense for us and I don't think there there have been many games where he has played poorly."