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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Focus On Winning This League First Said Jenkins

After yesterday's 2-0 win over Swindon Supermarine, assistant manager Steve Jenkins was asked what he knew about next week's opponents Didcot. He played them several times when managing Merthyr.

"It was different them, they had Millsy and Pablo!" Jenkins told BN.

"It's not an easy place to go but that's it with us.

"Everybody is up for it, so we've got to be right for every game, we know we've got to get everyone at their maximum and at their best."

Looking forward have you given next season much thought?

"Of course we've had conversations, you'd be foolish not to.

"But our first priority is getting this season out of the way.

"Get this out of the way and we'll look at getting a squad capable, hopefully, of doing what this squad has done by getting us out of this league.

"So there will be new players coming in, but we'll see closer to the time.

"You've got to evolve, you can't standstill. If you standstill you start going backwards."

Jenkins spoke about how he felt leagues are split up into sections.

"There are always three leagues within a league, you always have eight strong good quality teams, then eight midtable where they never really threaten and then teams who budgetwise may be small and always struggle.

"The eight in the league above they will be strong and they will be a test but there won't be 24 teams of all great quality because it doesn't happen that way.

"Like in our league now you've got a top six, top eight who are decent. It was probably the same last year a six or eight who you know will give you a test.

"It's about making sure you are competitive in that top part of that league."

Asked about retaining players, Jenkins was guarded.

"We've haven't won yet and our focus will never ever change until we win this league

"In terms of going forward we must deal with this first and then we'll start planning."