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Monday, February 20, 2017

David Brown Remembers His Time With Hereford

In a long and varied interview former Hereford United striker David Brown has told bwin news how he enjoyed his time at Edgar Street.

Before joining Hereford Brown had kept Hull City in the Football League with a goal he scored against Torquay.

On his time at Hereford and their current title charge…

“I loved every minute playing for Hereford United and to see them dissolve was incredibly difficult, but the re-formed team is doing really well. They’ve got an incredible fan base and Hereford is a great place to play, so they’ve got all the right things to be a good team.

“Adversity at a club brings people together, so I definitely don’t think they’ll be complacent when it comes to seeing out promotion and kicking on. In terms of the budget and fans, they will far exceed any others in their league. It was not long ago that they were in League One, so I’ve got every confidence that they’ll climb back up in the leagues again.

“It’s difficult for Hereford to drop out the league. When I was at Hull, we were vying to stay in the League against Scarborough. They were a massive club and when you look at their regression since getting relegated that season, they’ve disappeared as a football club in the last five to 10 years. As soon as the club moves down to the Conference, the money goes away, the sponsors go away and some of the fans go away, so it’s a very difficult task to get back out of it.”
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