Monday, February 20, 2017

Bucket Collection For The Samaritans On Saturday

There will be a bucket collection for the Hereford Branch of the Samaritans at the Swindon Supermarine game next Saturday, February 25th.

As well as being a lifelong Hereford fan and Season Ticket holder Phil Gilbert-Smith is also a telephone volunteer for the Hereford Branch of The Samaritans.

Phil told BN about the work of the organisation.

"We have been around for over 40 years and our aim is to emotionally support people who are in distress and despair as well as supporting people who are sadly thinking about or in the process of taking their lives, our aim as an organisation is to ensure that fewer people end their lives by being able to call us free of charge and talk through their problems.

"Nationally the Samaritans takes over 4 million calls a year. The Hereford Branch currently has 100 telephone volunteers and in the last 12 months our branch answered 25,000 telephone calls, met 200 people face to face in the branch in Berrington St and answered over 6,500 emails and SMS’s from people.
"None of us get paid to do this work.

"We are 100% self-funded and rely totally on kind donations from local companies and individuals, it costs us around £ 40,000 a year to keep the branch open so every single penny counts.

"We will be bucket collecting on 25th February at the Swindon Supermarine game and I would be really grateful if our amazing fans could dig deep to give as much as they can, I will be outside Radfords so come along and say hello on the day.
"All proceeds go to the Hereford branch so will have a direct impact on our local volunteers."