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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Beadle Unhappy With Pegasus Defender

Despite his team winning 3-1, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle was very unhappy that striker Mike Symons received a nasty injury to his knee from a defender who Beadle felt should have been sent off earlier in the game.

"It's a kick on the knee from a player who shouldn't have been on the pitch," said Beadle in his post match interview.

"It frustrates the life out of me. We come here, we have to come here as part of this competition.

"Last pre-season I didn't want to play any of the local teams for obvious reasons,  my own one is that it's just for them to get their pound of flesh and tonight the full back should have been yellow carded in the first half for a tackle on Pablo, and yellow carded again for another tackle on Pablo.

"Then he got a yellow card and then he gone through Mike and Mike has got a nasty cut on his knee.

"He's caught him with his boot on his knee, what sort of challenge was it.

"It's not fair, it's not fair on us because, like I said, we come here to play the game as well as we can and every time you get one or two who start getting stupid as though it's their moment to kick lumps out of us.

"Unfortunately we have to come here in this competition so we have to come and play the game.

"The injury is more impact but it's frustrating the way it came about.

"He will be fine Saturday. It looks worse than it was.

"It's a cold night and he's just come on so he's not at full tilt, not up to body temperature as he should be when he's playing but it's caught him flush across the knee.

"I'm sure he'll be fine for the weekend."

Of the game itself.

"It was fairly comfortable, certainly first half," said Beadle.

"Second half we didn't quite have the same effect as we did first half  and they could have quite easily got back into the game with their goal and then what looked like could be a penalty and one right on the edge of the box as well. Quite controversial towards the end.

"I felt we did enough with the chances we had to win it, I'm happy to get through it."

Beadle selected a strong line-up for the tie.

"Me, Jenks and Jonny were all nearly on the bench, that shows how short of numbers we were for tonight.

"Again there were one or two that could have probably played tonight but we didn't want to risk them because they've been out which is why we changed the format a little bit.

"There were a couple of lads that weren't available tonight who would have played but they had other committments before this game was rearranged.

"We were quite a few short tonight but I'm pleased with what they have done.

"We changed the shape a little bit so that was interesting to look at. In spells it worked quite well and other times you can see that it has its deficiencies as well. It gives us food for thought.

"I like the shape we have, I think it works best for the players we have. I don't think three at the back quite suits at the moment. That's not to say going forward in the future we wouldn't use it. I think it's one of them you have to be open-minded.

"With the youth team we swore by 4-3-3 which we played with the first team for a little while but now I much prefer 4-4-2 because of the players we've got.

"You set up your team to play to their strengths and we're probably better off as 4-4-2 with the team we have.

"It was good to see it and at times it worked quite well."