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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Beadle Rested Captain Edwards

Joel Edwards who usually captains Hereford was rested this afternoon by manager Peter Beadle.

"We kept him out just for a rest", said Beadle.

"I think Ryan had a bit of a rest then Clayton had a bit of a rest after that.

"Edge has had a couple of games off, obviously he's come back in today with Mike suspended.

"Joel is the captain and I think he wears that burden quite heavily. It's a big thing for him to be captain of the club and I think at times he needs a rest.

"He's played every game this year bar a couple so he just needed a rest.

"I spoke to him before the game. He's disappointed not to play, he wants to play, but he understands why and hopefully a game or so, he'll have a rest next week then he'll be back refreshed for the run in."