Saturday, February 04, 2017

Beadle 'Really Pleased' With Win At Slimbridge.

Peter Beadle With Physio Jonny Evans After The Final Whistle At Slimbridge
Hereford defeated Slimbridge 3-0 on a difficult pitch this afternoon in Gloucestershire and manager Peter Beadle was pleased with another victory for his team.

"Brilliant, really pleased," said Beadle.

"It was always going to be tough.

"They had billed it up almost like a cuptie with all the things they were talking about before the game.

"Really difficult pitch and a team which are enthusiastic, they always are.

"If you look there aren't too many teams that have been beaten by more than two, three goals so they are always in contention. They're energetic and work extremely hard.

"To play like we did and have a clean sheet and win the game as comfortably as we have done, I'm really pleased.

"The surface wasn't so much sticky, it was so soft that when you stand on it you make an imprint.

"You know I'm a big lad so I leave a bigger footprint. For some of the others as well so once you leave that footprint it stays there, so when you try and pass the ball through it it could go anywhere. It wasn't sticky just so so bobbly.

"When the ball was cleared when it bounced it was flat, the pitch is dead, there's no life in it, so it's really difficult, keepers kicks off the floor, any free-kicks off the floor. A dead pitch is really difficult.

"So I thought the way we controlled the game, and at times when we moved the ball, was really good, really positive.

"We are in good form, we look strong, we look fit, we look agile, we've got goals in us and again today I think we've probably limited them to very few shots for Alex to save. One off the top of the cross-bar that bounced over the bar and one he's had right at the very end. So we are looking really strong."

With a couple of results going in Hereford's favour, the lead is now 21 points.

"We never do a points target. All we want is three points from the next one. (Wimborne)

"Next week will be a tough game at home. They gave us a tough game at their place and I expect it to be exactly the same next week. We've got to make sure we prepare the best we can and we apply ourselves.

"Today I thought was one of those more mental rather than physical and how we apply ourselves and we don't get disappointed with things like one or two. We have forward players in our team who can be tempremental, today they managed it really, really well.

"It's not easy when the pitch isn't suited to us. Our forward players, our creative players who can't get on the ball and move it an get frustrated but I thought what they did was a real professional job and played their part in a really good team performance."

Bradley Williams had his first start for Hereford this afternoon in place of Mike McGrath who was suspended.

"I thought he was great. It wasn't an easy place to come and make your first start but he's got all the tools. He's had a good schooling. He's come through the ranks at Cardiff so we know he can play. But it's whether he can transfer that and add it into the game and the way we play it. 

"I thought he got up to speed really quick, I thought he kept it moving really well and he's competes, he wants to put his foot in so he's had a really good debut today for his first game."
Beadle spoke about Mike McGrath's suspension.

"It two games.

"We did try and bring the Peggy game forward to this Tuesday but they couldn't and it's been pencilled in for next week if this one was off but it's not and so he'll miss the two league games."

Beadle spoke about Slimbridge's efforts to ensure the game went ahead.

"They were brilliant. I came here yesterday about 3.45pm and they were just locking up the gates.

"I spoke to their secretary who asked me if I wanted to buy tickets. I said I don't have to buy one!

"As soon as he realised who I was he said do you want to come in and have a look and the pitch was fine. It was flat with lots of grass on it and no standing water.

"Obviously here, I live ten minutes away, I know we had quite heavy rain last night and so I was a bit concerned but they've been brilliant.

"They've been great hosts, they've got on with it. The team has not let them down as they've played brilliantly. They probably gave it everything they can and I think the fans have been well looked after."