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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Worldwide Radio Hereford FC

Radio Hereford FC, the station that covers virtually every Hereford FC match, is gaining listeners all over the world.

And now, thanks to Ron Parrott, they've now got three listeners in Zanzibar.

Ron explains:

'I’ve just returned from my honeymoon in Zanzibar and I must say how wonderful it was to be able to tune in and listen to all three of the games that I missed whilst away. It’s a wonderful service that the lads provide and they need to be congratulated on their efforts – well done boys! 

'To cap it all, apparently it was the first time they’d had a listener in Zanzibar and they gave me a mention during all three games – not sure about the first game though when they said “We have a listener in Zanzibar – oh that’ll be Ron Parrott on his umpteenth honeymoon!”
'Secondly, we now have three new avid fans in Zanzibar and they were well impressed, even though surprisingly enough they had never heard of Hereford FC, when I told them that we were undefeated all season. Even more surprising was that one of them remembered seeing Ronnie Radford’s goal of the season!'