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Saturday, January 14, 2017

We Have Lost Today To A Good Side Said Beadle

Hereford manager Peter Beadle spoke to the local media about this afternoon's 2-1 defeat to Taunton Town.

He was crictical of his side's poor first half performance. 

"I thought we were excellent second half but for twenty minutes in the first half they wanted it more than we did and it showed in the goals they scored and the way they scored the goals," said Beadle.

"Second half we were excellent, fantastic pieces of play, played out from the back, brave enough to get on the ball, much better tempo and we caused them problems.

"In the end we were a little bit unlucky not to get something out of the game.

"Why can they raise the tempo at half time for the second half we didn't really do it first half.

"It's hard to answer the question but we'll talk about it this week  and we need to make sure we start every game at the right tempo which we do the majority of the time.

"But for today we didn't.

"I think their body language and attitude was that they wanted it more.

"It's not a style of play that I like but it works brilliantly for them, they won ten on the bounce now so it's working for them. They've got the players that play that way.

"And we didn't cope with it very well first half, second half they hardly had a sniff.

"We can deal with it but we didn't deal with it properly first half."

Taunton went 2-0 ahead in the first half.

"I thought their volley was a fantastic goal, it would be interesting to see he does that every week but a fantastic strike.

"First goal was naive defending from us, the lad managed to get a flick on and Joel's not stayed with him and then they got the second ball.

"So disappointing for the first goal and a little bit for the second - it was a great strike. Just disappointed giving goals way. We don't seem to want to compete properly at times. We've got enough big lads at the back to deal with aerial balls but for whatever reason today we didn't start right. 

"Second half we've dealt with every single one of them. First half we couldn't cope with any of them."

Hereford got a goal back early in the second half.

"We got the goal, we raised the tempo, a case of patience and looking to get that first goal, we got back in the game then it was one way traffic second half.

"We've had numberous balls across the face of goal and I thought from where I was a stone wall penalty. Why would Tristan go down there. He's passed him, he's beyond him so why would he go down? 

"So we didn't have that bit of luck today. We've had plenty of chances, they've put insome great blocks, balls around the box.

"Second half we've had enough chances to get back in the game but today wasn't our day."

Former HUISA Chairman Keith Dodd Giving The Referee Some Stick At Half Time
The referee came in for some criticism from Beadle.

"We'll not talk about him today thanks. People who were here saw it. I don't want to talk about him because he made it all about him during the game. 

"It wasn't just about us. As an official I thought for some reason he made the day about himself."

So how do you respond?

"We had a 28 game run last year and then we slipped up but then after we lost Feb 13th to Highgate we then won every game to the Vase final. 

"That's the challenge I've put down to the players now. 

"We've done fantastic to go 26 games unbeaten, we've lost today to a good side who do what they do well and have been on a fantastic run.

"But we've shown we can match them when we played second half.

"But now it's a case of how we bounce back and I want the attitude from the second half until the end of the seaon.

"If we get that we are going to win more than we lose."