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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Train To Yate

Hereford are playing at Yate on Saturday and supporter Colin Butler has been looking at the cost of getting to the game by train.

'Have been looking at the train fare between Hereford and Yate as I know there are some who are traveling by rail on Saturday. 

The usual cost would be £38.50 return but if you split the journey and purchase a return to Worcester (£ 9.70 ) then a return from Worcester to Yate (£13.50). 

This represents a saving of £15.30,this equals the admission price at Yate and a couple of pints! 

Possibly the ideal train departs from Hereford at 09.39 with one charge at Worcester Forgate Street.

Update: Group saver Hereford to Worcester - Worcester - Yate around £15 each. Minimum of three people.