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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Too Many Cards Said Beadle

The referee at last night's game between Mangotsfield and Hereford gave out a lot of yellow cards, something which didn't please manager Peter Beadle.

"I think the referee gave how ever many cards but I think only one or two were deserved. Quite a lot were undeserved. He seemed quite quick to get the cards out.

"It wasn't a dirty game, it wasn't a physical game as such so I think seven, eight yellow cards were six too many, way too many.

"You can't adjust for referees and what they are going to do. We've had a lot of harsh bookings this year but all you can do is get on with it.

"If the time comes when we have a suspension or two, we're past some of that now, we'll have to get on with it.

"Was Mike's (McGrath) a booking tonight, it looked like he got the ball  but I'm a long way away to tell."

Mangotsfield were difficult opponents.

"They are not an easy team, they're fourth in the table, they've been there all season. 

"I think on the day we played them at home we weren't quite right. I think we're better than that now but circumstances, pitch, I thought their performance second half was good so we had to see the game out.

"We kept a clean sheet, we looked solid and Alex hasn't had a real shot to save. So we're happy."

Pablo Haysham had fifteen minutes or so after being suspended for four matches.

"Obviously in the situation we are in now only a few can get on at a time. He's been out for a little while now and I'm sure he was pleased to get on.

"We've got one or two who look a bit rusty. Jamie Molyneux has come back and he looks a little bit rusty.

"They are all going to play some part in the games coming up."

Ryan Green didn't travel to the game.

"Ryan has been ill and he's only just recovered. I think if he had come tonight he wouldn't have played because we want to get him right. We want them all 100% healthy if we can. Bear in mind he hasn't played or trained since Bishops Cleeve.

"Tonight to have thrown him in would have been a bit harsh on him. We need him fully fit.

"Hopefully he'll train on Thursday and if he comes through fine that will put him in contention for Taunton on Saturday."

Speaking of Taunton.

"They are all big games. We're on a little run where we've had the team that are third, we've now played the team that are fourth, we've got the team that are sixth and on a great little run coming up and then we've got Tiverton at the end of the month. 

"Everyone wants to come and beat us and it wets the appetite for a good game on Saturday."