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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

'Smee's' Ashes To Be Scattered On Edgar Street

BN readers may remember that recently we reported on the death of Tim Edwards, better known to many as Smee.

He had a final wish, he wanted his ashes to be scattered on Edgar Street and this has been agreed by the club.

Paul Stevens gave the news to BN.

As many of you know Tim Edwards (Smee) sadly passed away late last year. Tim had a final wish that his ashes be scattered at his beloved Edgar Street. The football club have agreed to allow this to happen on Sunday 5th Feb at 11.30am.

Tims' widow Sue has been in contact with me to say that those who knew Tim are more than welcome to come along to pay their respects. 

Obviously she knew little of Tims 'adventures' in the 'Shire' and beyond on his awaydays (weekends) from darkest Pontefract in West Yorkshire.

After the ashes are scattered Sue would like those of you who wish  to come back to the Wellington (JDs) to celebrate Smees love of Hereford United. Of course The Wellington was used by the club as a changing room in the early years.

Tim became a good friend to many of us over the years and I'm sure many stories will be swapped over a pint or of course a glass of red!