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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Signed Shirt Raised £105 For Abergavenny Hospital

Ellen Watkins, Rob Purdie And James Hawkins
A Hereford FC signed shirt has raised £102 for Abergavenny Hospital.

Supporter Ellen Watkins auctioned the shirt on e-bay and it was presented to the highest bidder after yesterday's game at Edgar Street.

"This young man is called James Hawkins and he bid £102 on e-bay for a signed Hereford shirt," Ellen told BN.

"The shirt is for the Nevill Hall Intensive Care Unit at Abergavenny to buy some machines that kept my nephew alive last September."

Here's reminder of why Ellen wanted to raise funds for this cause.

'On 11 September 2016 my only nephew was taken seriously ill. He fell into a coma within the space of two hours with complete muscle and organ failure and was not expected to survive. My sister and brother-in-law were told to expect the worst. They sat by his bedside in Nevill Hall Intensive Care unit for six long days not daring to leave in case he slipped away. He had contracted Rhabdomyolosis, an extremely rare condition usually affecting earthquake victims. After six days in a coma it was decided to bring him round. He was extremely weak and had suffered massive weigh loss. His muscles and organs were all damaged but, fortunately, there was no brain damage. After a further period of time in the Intensive Care unit he was eventually discharged home and is now working had to regain his strength. He is having therapy to help him walk again as his feet don’t work properly anymore. But the main thing is that he is alive.
The family organised a fundraiser at the end of October to raise funds for the Nevill Hall Intensive Care Unit to thank them for the care and support they gave to Rhys and the family over that dreadful period of time. Hereford FC kindly donated a signed shirt (signed by the squad during the week of 24th October) for the auction. I decided to buy the shirt and to auction it on ebay to raise even more funds for this amazing cause.'