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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shaun Skinner - A Tribute

As reported earlier on BN Hereford's Club Chaplain Shaun Skinner had died.

Matt Healey has written this tribute.

'I first met Shaun in August 2015. This was the evening of the Coleshill game and I had seen he had been featured in the matchday programme about his role of club chaplain. Sensing an interview opportunity I tracked him down and we recorded an interview in the main office. 

We stayed in contact throughout social media & saw each other regularly at home games, but last February he was given 12 months to live by doctors.  Shaun told me about the diagnosis here.

Shaun then went about attempting to complete an "achievement list". One of these was a man v food challenge at the Beefy Boys. On the Tuesday evening of the Loughborough game. I quickly whipped up a team of DJ's & Doorman who all tucked in with Shaun to attempt to take on the biggest mountain of food I had ever seen. Shaun absolutely loved that night & sent me a lovely message thanking me for the evening.

Shaun's health took a turn for the worse and he didnt make it to Wembley which he was so gutted about missing.  He did though go on holiday down to the south coast and enjoyed the sea air. We stayed in contact till the Autumn but his illness then took hold.

Shaun was immensely proud of his role as Hereford FC Club Chaplain, and would try and help others as best he could. Despite having a horrible illness he got on with life as best he could and I will always remember him for being one of the toughest people I knew.'

RIP Shaun Skinner