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Saturday, January 07, 2017

No Approach For Any Of Our Players Said Beadle

Peter Beadle Talking To His Squad After Ninety Minutes At Paulton This Afternoon
In his post match interview Peter Beadle was asked if there had been any interest in any of the players from other clubs.

"I've not heard any speculation," said Beadle.

"We've had no seven day approaches from anybody. As far as I know no one has showed any interest in any of our players.

"They might have been interested but they haven't made an approach for any of our players."

Are you likely to offer contracts to players not under contract?

"You don't want to lose your assets but also we can't be held to ransom. Our budget have to be like our play ,free-flowing and fluid.

"When you tie your money into contracts and it's more money week in week out it's not good business when you've got everybody on that.

"It means if I lose a couple of players through injury I can't replace them because that money is not available.

"So we have to be careful how we do it.

"It would have to be one hell of an offer from another club for a player to leave here right now with everything that is going on.

"Every player here is happy.

"We've got so many players on contract, there are a few on contract at the moment and if some go on as they are I think it is only right they earn a contract.

"But I've not heard any rumours but until we get an offical interest from somebody we just keep going on as we are."

Beadle goes to a lot of games watching players which can lead to speculation he might want to sign someone.

"I'm going to Swansea versus Spurs in March but I don't expect to sign anyone from there!"

Are you looking for another central defender?

"I've got three great central defenders. I've got Ryan, Mark and Clayton and they can't be perfect every week.

"Clayton has made a few mistakes since he's been here but he's rectified that. Clayton is a good player. He's got great experience and he brings something to the side.

"Mark is the same, comes from playing at better levels and Ryan is the same. They are great centre-halves.

"But it's not just about centre-halves.

"Think about where the goal came from in the Evesham game. The half way line. He skipped past three players before he got to the back line.

"Same again today he skipps past two people before he gets to the back-line and then he skips past another one.

"So it's not always about the back four, it's about the players in front of them as well.

"We've just got to defend better as a team. Sometimes we don't defend well but eighteen goals in twenty five games. Not a bad record!.

"So don't talk to me about my defensive problems, we haven't got any. We just give away bad goals!"