Friday, January 20, 2017

Extra End Of Season Games For Hereford FC?

Whilst the Southern League South and West fixtures are set to end on Saturday April 22nd, Hereford are at home to Winchester City on that day, that may not be the end of the season for the Edgar Street club.

On April 29th a 'Championship Match' will take place between the winners of the Southern League South and West and the Southern League Central.

The match will take at which ever club has the better 'League' playing record during the season.

"The Championship match is not currently sponsored, therefore there is no prize money but a cup and medals will be presented on the day," Southern League secretary Jason Mills told BN.

"The gate receipts are shared between the clubs, once applicable costs have been extracted."

Currently Hereford in the South and West and Royston Town in the Central have the best record in their respective leagues and Hereford's record is better than that of Royston.

So should it remain like that Hereford will be at home to Royston on April 29th.

The following Monday is a Bank Holiday and it's likely the HFA will want to stage their County Cup final at Edgar Street on that date.

Should Hereford win their semi final game in that competition at Pegasus Juniors mext month, it could mean that the club will have two extra fixtures to play after the South and West campaign is over.