Saturday, January 21, 2017

Excellent Second Half Said Beadle.

Hereford manager Peter Beadle was particularily pleased with his sides 2-0 victory at Yate Town this afternoon after the score was goal-less at half time.

The win came after Hereford were defeated by Taunton last Saturday at Edgar Street.

"It's always important to win," Beadle told the local media.

"That's what you won't to do each week, you want to try and win.

"I don't think it was a case of we wanted to bounce back from Saturday, I thought certainly for the second half on Saturday we probably deserved something out of the game but we didn't quite get it.

"So it was a case of taking our second half into today and continue what we've been doing.

"I thought the first half despite the possession we had there was no real tempo or purpose to the game and we didn't quite have that cutting edge so we talked about it half time and we showed it from the first minute second half with a couple of shots and a couple of corners. We showed that purpose. It was a good day for us.

"It's not desire, the lads want to win, but I just think sometimes when you have so much possession it's easy just to get in a rut.

"They were sat quite deep which was difficult to break down. We encounter that plenty of times. They played four across the back and like a five across mid-field and they sat deep so it's difficult to break down.

"What we didn't do is we didn't have willing runners and we didn't have purposeful balls into the box. We did too much of our work outside the box and not in it and that's what we talked at half-time about making sure that we had more balls in the box, more bodies in the box and second half we did that.

"Our whole performance today was good, the second half, I thought, was excellent.

"I watch these boys train twice a week, sometimes pre-season three times a week and I think they are not shy of is getting on the ball but today for some reason we didn't quite get going to the momentum we wanted it to but second half it did and everybody wanted the ball and it was more free-flowing and much more purposeful in the second half."

Beadle was pleased the game was played.

"They (Yate) have done great, the pitch was the best I've seen it for a few years. It's in really good shape.

"It was firm and I've not saying anything untoward but if it had been somebody else at home they may have had a second look at it

"It's played great and I'm glad the game was on.

"It's another one ticked off and another three points on the board.

"A great clean sheet. Alex had a scary moment with one at the back stick but lucily the linesman came to our rescue but outside that he had one shot in the second half to save and we looked quite solid right throughout the team.

"If we're scoring at the one end and creating chances without too much at the other end we are doing okay.

"Every time you win a game it's points on the board and when others are called off it means their games are going to start piling up.

"You look at Tiverton and they've got to come to Slimbridge on a Tuesday night. Taunton will have an extra home game to come mid-week and so their games are starting to pile up. Evesham have played today but been held and so dropped a couple of points.

"It's always good to play when others don't and put points on the board."