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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Different Tasks For Different Wings Said Beadle

During his post match interview Hereford manager Peter Beadle spoke about the different tasks that different wings of his team had to do this afternoon against Tiverton Town.

"I thought our right side was strong, our left side was indifferent at times," said Beadle.

"But I think Tiverton's threat was mainly coming down the right hand side,with their right wingback pushing on and good in the air and the right winger was very good as well.

"I think our left side was probably more busy trying to contain that area of the pitch where as the right side caused mayhem on the other side of the pitch.

"Both sides have done well again today. When we go forward everyone wants to see the attacking style with Jimmy flying down the right wing with Tristan as well. It's a great combination and the other two on this side did just as sell but their job was a little bit different today.

As well as Hereford winning, clubs around them dropped points.

"I don't know the results yet as I've had to climb a thousand steps to speak to you guys."

Owens complimented Beadle on his generousity. 

"Generousity. They will know that when I put my fine in the pot.

"We've just got to look after us as I've said every time, every game, week by week just take care of what we are doing. 

"Although today was probably not a great spectacle to watch I think it showed the character of the type of players we've got here.

"They were excellent again today even after the half hour mark when it wasn't as free-flowing and not great football.

"But in spells we made some great passes and created some good chances second half but we had to combat a really difficult system and I thought we did that fantastically well. 

"That's all you can ask of the players, keep doing what they are doing."

Pablo Haysham goal was a 'very decent strike'.

"It was a great strike and I spoke about two weeks ago about John and about him coming off and I spoke to him in the week about him and adding things to his game and if he hadn't put pressure on that centre half and got himself in the way, which he tends not to do sometimes but he did it today, we got a knock down and Pablo volleys it in. 

"Mills has had a great imput today but it was a fantastic finish. Pablo has done that numberous times over the past fourteen months."

Owens askes Beadle whether Haysham should have been substituted given he had received a yellow card.

"It did cross our minds and I said to him are you okay and he said yes and he waved his hand like these foreign footballers do.

"I said you've just got to play sensibly, use your head.

"These boys need to do that. You've got a lot of young players here and they need to learn the game better. Their game management needs to be better. And if Pablo gets booked he needs to learn to play with a booking. He needs to be sensible enough to play and not put himself in a position where he's going to pick another one up.

"Players do that all across the country every weekend. They don't need to do that.

"But it did cross our minds a couple of times about changing it but Tristan gave us his usual seventy five/eighty five minutes and he was flagging but he does put an awful lot in. Hopefully we can get him up to speed soon and get a full ninety minutes out of him."