Monday, January 30, 2017

Beadle Provoked By Tiverton Physio?

There was a stoppage lasting several minutes during the first half of Saturday's game against Tiverton Town at Edgar Street when the dug-outs appeared to come to blows.

The incident happened just as Mike Symons was brought down. It took the shine off what turned out to be a good day for Hereford with three points from the game and other clubs dropping points.

BN understands that the Tiverton Physio called Hereford manager Peter Beadle an offensive name. What provoked the physio isn't known.



Beadle admitted he reacted.

"I think something was said. I reacted a bit in the wrong manner and there was a little bit of handbag stuff."

The Referee Had A Few Words With Both Managers.
 It's understood that a referee can not send a physio to the stands.

Update 1.15pm - Tiverton's physio, Mathew Thresher, has told BN on Twitter that he apologised to Beadle after a personal comment towards Hereford's manager

He said: "I made a personal comment to Beadle following a challenge (BN: On Mike Symons). He understandably reacted as would I. Before the second half I apologised.

"Peter is a gent and we spoke before the second half. We shook hands, I apologised for my conduct as did he and there was pint for him."