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Saturday, December 10, 2016

We Were Always Comfortable Said Beadle

After a game played in difficult conditions, Hereford manager Peter Beadle gave his verdict on his club's 1-0 win at Wantage.

"We got what we came for, three points," said Beadle.

"We got a great start and then conditions weren't great. I think the pitch is quite deceptive, it was extremely lively and very soft under foot.

"We controlled the game both halves. Into the wind and up the slope in the first half we controlled the game, got the goal, had a couple of half chances.

"Second half played the conditions because we didn't want to take any chances and had several half chances.

"John had a great chance in the first minute, another day he puts it away and the game is done and dusted.

"We were for ever comfortable, I don't think Alex had a shot to save.

"I don't think normally Wantage would play five at the back, four across the middle of the park and left a lad upfront on his own which is always going to be difficult because it gives up possession to us. If they had had an extra body upfront maybe they would have had a bit more possession.

"It was important we made the most of our possession which we did to a degree.

"It was difficult out there and I thought the players were totally professional in the job they got done. The only thing I asked of them was that they need to make sure our basics are better.

"Our basic skills are good, our passing, control and where and when to pass, just sometimes we're a little bit off, the pass is in the wrong place, or not quite where you want it or where a forward or a wide player would want it, it always seems to be half a yard behind him or too far in front of him which means the rhythem sometimes breaks down.

"That being said with the pitch the way it was and the type of game it was we are happy to take the points. We always want to win the game and we've done that.

"First half going up the slope we talked about not giving them a chance to get into the game coming down the slope.

"Obviously we got the goal early which was great and with the way they played it was difficult to get anywhere, to get anyone on the ball. The way they played with five at the back and four across the front it was always going to be difficult.

"So second half we asked for them to try and get the break away early. When we turn over possession and the win the ball quickly can we attack them quickly with an early pass. But it's difficult to judge with the slope, it wasn't as bad as Tuesday, but it is still a big slope.

"Any ball coming out of the sky is going to bounce over the top and rolled away so it was difficult.

"But all you can do is keep winning games and we've won it comfortably with Alex not having a shot to save. The hardest piece of work he had was when he chased one out to the corner flag to keep it in play.

"So that's all you can ask.

"There were no real clear cut chances, even Pablo's goal wasn't a clear cut chance.

"Fair play to them as they stuck at it as well especially after conceeding so early.

"I think if we had got another one they might have crumbled a little bit but they didn't. We are the big scalp for everybody and they will raise their game and chance their game when they play us."