Saturday, December 10, 2016

Trouble At Wantage Caused By 'Unconnected' Persons

There was trouble before, during and after this afternoon's game at Wantage caused by persons unconnected with either Wantage or Hereford. Several true supporters received minor injuries.

A group of persons wearing distinctive Burberry kit were seen around the pubs before the game. They then arrived at the ground and were allowed to enter. 

Shortly before kick-off there was an incident inside the club house. Then when Hereford scored a green smoke bomb was let off.

Worse was to follow when about half way through the second half the group made their way into the Hereford Fans. They then let off another smoke bomb and started to cause trouble. One Hereford supporter appeared to be pushed over the pitch barrier. Several others were punched. Some children were affected by the smoke.

One girl aged seven was particularily affected and later checked over in the Wantage boardroom.

The referee stopped play for a couple of minutes until some semblance of order was restored. 

Then after the game as Hereford supporters left the ground there was more trouble.

Later in Wantage, police surrounded a pub in the centre.

"Steve mentioned it as soon as we scored, the little group that were up this end of the main stand," said Hereford manager Peter Beadle.

"He said 'they are not Wantage fans, they don't watch football every week, they are only here for one thing and they have caused the problems today by the sounds of it.

"Hopefully no one has been seriously hurt, no one has been injuried during the scuffle that was over there.

"Unfortunately there are a minority in all clubs and all groups.

"The first couple of minutes they shouted a few things and what have you and then the smoke bomb went off and we decided they are not Wantage fans.

"I'm not putting any blame on Wantage for what happened.

"We've been goaded a little bit and they've hung around our end waiting for something to happen or if not to ignite something to get it going and they obviously did eventually.

"Hopefully no one was hurt."