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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Slope Made A Big Difference Said Beadle

One of the talking points at Peter Beadle's post match interview was the slope at the North Leigh ground.

"Huge difference," said the Hereford manager.

"I don't think it matters so much on our pitch, I think we do it because of our fans.

"As Salisbury proved on Saturday it makes no difference which way we go first. We tend to play well pretty much for both halves of the game. Obviously going towards our own fans in the second half is a bit of an incentive for the players, there's a bit more of a buzz about the place.

"John and Pablo both have expereience here before and they said they would like to kick up the slope first half and down the slope second half. Which is why we kept it as it was.

"It's a big slope, it's not a small one, it's a huge slope and if you're under the cosh it's hard to get out.

"Saying that I thought we dealt with it quite well first half. The goals weren't because we were massively under pressure, goals were because we shot ourselves in the foot.

"Second half when you are on the charge like we were, it's hard to get out of that half because it is a huge slope and it does play a huge part in the game.

"We dug in tonight and earnt our result.

"Keeper made a great save from Edge in the first and Simmo had a great chance with a header but second half we took our chances and in the end disappointed not to win it."

Mills scored the winning goal when it looked to some as though he might have passed it to another player.

"You weren't the only ones shouting pass it as well!

"I've never come across anything like him in my years of playing, coaching and managing. Don't get me wrong he has his weak side, his back to goal, his passing, his control, pretty much everything!

"But I've never seen anyone finish like him and I've worked, played with some good finishers.

"He's a machine. Eight times out of ten you give him the ball in the box and he'll score and that's the beauty of having him around.

"He's come back and he's desperate to get back involved and play and he's come on tonight and rescued us a point."