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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Supporters From All Over The World

John Mills (Second From Right) And His Group Of Fellow Hereford Supporter At Bishops Cleeve Yesterday
Hereford FC have supporters all over the world and one group made it to Bishops Cleeve yesterday to watch their favourite club win the game 4-0.

One particular fan even saw his name-sake on the scoresheet.

So who were this group?

"My name is John, John Mills, the original one now living in Stockholm Sweden and this is my fiance from Finland.

"The other guys are from Isreal, one from Hereford and the Philippines.

"We all come together because we all came from Hereford originally. We are all friends and we always spend Christmas together in Leominster and booked tickets for the match.

"And we've won! And I've scored as well. I usually score from the sofa!."