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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Praise For Beadle And Jenkins From Cleal

After yesterday's game Bishop Cleeve manager Steve Cleal had a long conversation on the middle of the pitch with Hereford's Peter Beadle and Steve Jenkins.

And in his post match interview Cleal heaped praise on the Hereford duo.

"Really chuffed with the day, on the pitch we did ourselves great.

"The first goal I think the referee has got it wrong, I don't think it's a foul.

"Fair play to Millsy I think he must have scored 100 goals against us now. He bent it in the top corner.

"We never really tested Alex."

What is it about Hereford that makes them so successful?

"When you win games of football it brings confidence.

"Beads and Jenks are two of the best in the business in charge and they install confidence in their team.

"They know how to win both ways.

"If anyone finishes above them they will be worthy champions.

"Beadle is great, a good lad. I've approached him a few times and he is a good advisor. I wish them all the best.

Cleal felt it had been a good day for his club.

"It's been a brilliant occassion for the club. 

"I can't thank all the guys on the board enough because the important thing today was to get the game on. 

"The Hereford fans enjoyed themselves and hopefully the club has benefitted from it.

"We've been lucky with the draw in the fact that we had them on August Bank Holiday away and on this Bank Holiday here."