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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Hereford 'Worthy Of The Three Points' Said Beadle

Hereford manager Peter Beadle spoke to the local media after this afternoon's 3-1 victory over Salisbury.

"I was really impressed for twenty minutes, I thought we were superb," said Beadle.

"We asked them for a big start and we got exactly that and we had the goals to go with it and we could have had one or two more.

"And then typically as we always do we so I said to them at half-time in the most polite way that I could is that I thought we had got out of this habit of taking a two goal lead and then taking our foot off the pedal. I thought certainly for the last twenty minutes of the first half they were far better than we were.

"They could quite easily have come in at 2-2 with a chance that Clayton has done ever so well to get back, a few little scrambles in the box, we got a bit raggety.

"Half time we asked them to come out with the same mentality as we came out first half and I thought second half we were in control of the game. There were bits and pieces for them but we had numberous chances to see the game off."

Salisbury looked better going forward than defensively.

"I think Steve (Claridge) recruited well, certainly the front two as they are a threat, and I think in the game at their place both scored that day and one of them has scored today and one nearly scored the one that was disallowed. He has improved on that side of it.

"They are a good side, I know he's got a few injuries, bit and pieces and stuff like that so on another day with a fully fit team who knows what they would have been like.

"But I would still back us all the time, always will do, but they are a threat going forward which we coped with fairly well up until the last twenty minutes of the first half and then second half we were pretty much in control.

"We are certainly worthy of the three points."

Mark Preece
Jimmy Oates came on for Mark Preece during the second half. Ryan Green partnered Clayton Fortune from this point until the final whistle.

"Mark got a little bit of a tight achilles. We always knew at some point he might need a breather. Second half 3-1 up we thought it was an ideal time to slide Ryan inside and give Jimmy a blast out there for half an hour or so.

"Hopefully he'll recover for Tuesday but if not we'll give him a rest and bring him in for the following week."

John Mills was fit enough to be on the bench but took no part in the game itself.

"As I said last week unless he is 100% healthy we won't risk him and he proved his fitness this week by training not quite 100% on Thursday and done a good blast this afternoon.

"Having him on the bench if it was tight or a draw or maybe one down we could have brought him on but as it is we managed to rest him and hopefully give his hamstring more time and we'll see how he is on Tuesday." 

Beadle was asked about momentum given Hereford remain unbeaten in the South and West League.

"It's massive, it always was. It's vitally important, you hear everybody talking about it. 

"The boys get into a routine, they turn up, they play the game almost without thinking about it.

"It's almost a sub-conscious thing, you go out and do the right things. There are days when players have off days and things like that but I think it would take quite a few of our players to have off days not to do well and with the crowd we have here they would point it out at times.

"Our momentum is almost like a rhythem, one you get into it it's hard to get out of.

"It's no difference in a losing streak. You can play as well as anybody and still not win a game so it's important we keep going. 

"We've improved the squad again with Ollie Barnes coming in and obviously now John is nearly fit and Jamie (Cuss) as we've just heard has had some minutes at Pegasus and scored, he's coming back to fitness now.

"Christmas period is always busy so it's great with them all fit and ready for the Christmas period."