Friday, December 16, 2016

Beadle Looks At Performance Analysis

Hereford FC's Peter Beadle and Steve Jenkins, along with some other mangers, recently attended a video analysis talk at Hartpury College.

The talk was given by Gloucester FC player coach Marc Richards who also works at Hartpury along with Rob Thirlby from development company Hudl.

In essence they were promoting a new form of performance analysis.

According to GloucestershireLive clubs can upload the match to their online account, and then edit the footage to show the whole team or certain players specific clips and examples of what they did or didn't do well during a game.

The manager or coach can also leave notes attached to the clip, before sending it to the squad or individual player to watch before training or their next match.

"Some of the managers looked quite enthusiastic and excited about getting involved with Hudl and I think that if they're already videoing their games it's a no-brainer," said Richards.
Shortwood manager Alex Sykes seemed impressed.

"I think we're going to take them up on the offer of the demo, as will all the other managers by the looks of it, so we'll see how that goes and then I need to sell it to the chairman!" he said.