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Saturday, November 05, 2016

You Take The Defeat And Move On Said Joyce

Sean Joyce - Bideford's Long Serving Manager

Bideford manager Sean Joyce was pleased with his teams performance despite losing 2-1 to Hereford this afternoon.

"You come to a top club like this with over 2500 people here and I said at half-time it can work both ways," Joyce told BN.

"If we go 3-0 down there's going to be a testamonial for the kind of players you have got, they can keep the ball, but there again if we can keep it tight for 20 minutes 2500 fans can get a little bit agitated and have a little dig about the players.

"We've played in the League above, it's a tough League above, and we know how to stay in games.

"I thought we stayed in the game and we got the goal and you wait for that one chance backstick and we nearly got a second last kick of the game more or less.

"He's a lower league player had it been Millsy he would have pulled it down and slotted it in top corner and it would have been 2-2."

Mike Symons And Chris McGrath
 Chris McGrath gave Mike Symons a difficult time.

"His Dad's Paul McGrath who played for Manchester United. Him and Kai Fisher, the big strong one. Playing at places like this will teach him.

"That's what we want, we don't want to come down here and lose four or five, other teams probably come down here and sit and take a two or three niller.

"We don't want that. We want to come and have a go and I thought we had a go. You have to be brave to have a go against a team like Hereford because if we get it wrong we are going to be hurt.

"You've got 2500 people here who pay money to watch a game, we're going to have a go at you and you can have a go back at us.

"Any other team in this league I'd be disappointed losing 2-1 but against you boys you take the defeat and move on."