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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Winter arrives with Poppies & Robins and Fortune did favour the Bulls

Two Goals For Striker John Mills
Hereford FC took to the pitch on a very sunny but biting cold windy afternoon to take on the Robins (Bideford AFC) at Edgar Street, led out by Ryan Green, taking the role of Captain and wearing white strip proudly displaying the Poppy. Following a well observed minutes silence in Remembrance of all those who have given their lives in order that we can appreciate our Saturday footy, the Bulls started determined and focused, going on the attack from the whistle.

Within 3 minutes the ball was released down the right wing to Plummer, at Blackfriars End, who passed into the box, direct to Mills, slightly ahead of his man, getting a foot on it to tap it into the net! GOAL! An excellent positive start for Hereford putting them 1-0 up.

Debuting for Hereford were new signings Mark Preece and Clayton Fortune taking roles in the back 4 alongside Green and Davies. Playing 4-4-2 with Mills and Symons up front, and the crowd of 2683 in full voice following the goal, Bideford take possession and attempt to take the ball into the Hereford half but are swiftly met with the partnership of Dinsley and McGrath who push back towards the Bideford half giving Dinsley an opportunity for a shot at goal but curls it behind for a goal kick.

Hereford, keeping possession gain a free kick inside the Bideford half as Haysham is pulled and tripped. The ball, taken quickly, is soon putting the Robins defence back under pressure as Davies goes on the attack for a corner. The resulting goal kick puts Bideford back in possession as they attempt to gain advantage but the ball is cleared by Fortune for a throw in for Hereford.

Bideford gain possession and make a break through the midfield with an early cross for goal but again is cleared by Fortune. The pace is fast and furious from Hereford as they maintain the early determination to take control and manage the game to their advantage. Bideford get the throw in, Hereford winning the ball pushing through the centre up to Plummer on the left, through to Symonds, who is knocked forward for a free kick.

Dinsley now takes the ball through, spinning it out to Plummer who strikes a curling ball in towards goal but goes out for a corner. Taken quickly, the ball is missed by Symons for a goal kick. Intercepted by Haysham, onto Dinsley, with an excellent ball across the pitch up to Plummer, making a breaking run on the left-hand side, along the side line, intercepted but the linesman called for a throw in to Bideford, the ball deemed to go out of play. Hereford gain possession, Haysham, on the right, with the header towards the far post, Preece putting it in the net but the ref called offside and the goal was disallowed. Still 1-0 to Hereford.

The ball is taken quickly, pace and pressure still being maintained by Hereford, Symons is brought down in the penalty area, calling for a penalty but the Ref gave a free kick instead. Frustration in the players now building as there is long discussion with the Ref, Bideford throwing the ball away from the area, resulting in a yellow card. The driving free kick is taken by Mills, straight over the wall at the keeper who, at full stretch, just manages to get a touch to it to tip it over the bar for a corner. Preece gets a chance this time but shoots over the top of the bar for a goal kick.

Bideford push back into the Hereford half but the ball is scooped away by Symons, out to the far side for Plummer, who sprints after it but it's too far and its pushed out for a throw in. Dinsley takes possession on the left side and soars a ball over, onto the edge of the box to McGrath with a touch straight through to Mills who executes a class volley straight into the net! GOAL!!  

Hereford go 2-0 up in the 27th minute.  

From the restart, the Robins push towards the Hereford goal but a flick from Green gives them a corner, safely headed away by Dinsley, Preece brought down for a free kick, soon after, inside the Bideford half. Hereford work their way back towards the Bideford half onto Plummer, McGrath with a backpass to Mills, back to Plummer then Dinsley and Green who set Mills up for a shot but completely miskicks!

Gaining control again, Haysham's break is fed by Mills, across on the left to Symons, through to Davies, McGrath, again finding Plummer, onto Mills for a shot but is blocked, ball back to Green and onto Dinsley who takes a shot but soars over the bar.

Bideford try again, not giving up but the ball is caught by the Hereford defence, back to Plummer, to Mills for a left foot shot... Goal kick. Bideford continue the pressure but our midfield of McGrath and Dinsley holding strong as McGrath fouls on the tackle. The free kick puts the ball back deep into the Hereford half but cleared by Green for a goal kick.
Back in the Bideford half, Dinsley drives through front of goal but the Bideford defence clear for a goal kick. Symons is brought down, no card given, free kick taken by Dinsley, intercepted by Bideford who break towards the Hereford goal, Davies' defensive header goes over the net for a corner to the Robins. All Bideford players are now in the Hereford half, seeking the goal that will halve the lead Hereford currently hold. Struggling to find access as the Hereford defence stands firm, excellent blocking by Fortune and Haysham as the ball is controlled by Mills for a break from Plummer into the Bideford half forcing the keeper to come out of his box and kick the ball clear over the halfway line. Bideford take on the shot from 30 yards but misses and heads straight into the fans at the Meadow End.

Symons makes a break this time, rolling the ball over to Plummer on the left, who takes a right foot shot but goes wide. Just before the half time whistle Bideford are back in the Hereford half but the height and size of Fortune reduces the chance of a shot on goal.

HT Hereford 2 – Bideford 0 

2nd half with Hereford playing towards the Meadow End starts with attacking play from Hereford. Haysham takes a shot towards the goalie, back to Mills who couldn’t retrieve it and it's cleared instead. Plummer and Symonds working well together to get the ball back, all Hereford players pushing into the Bideford half looking for that 3rd goal that will help to seal the match. Mills and Plummer now take on the keeper, to no avail as its cleared again back to Symons who goes on the break but the ball is deflected off the shin of the Bideford defence.

SUBS: Bideford #8 off - #9 on – now in a 4-3-3 formation to try and break down the Hereford defence.

Hereford have the throw in, into centre field, a kick towards Bideford half only to be cleared for a goal kick. The ball only reaches the centre line but Hereford struggle to get the ball controlled to push forward. Green clears again to Plummer, straight to Dinsley taking it down the right, to be fouled on the half way line but the Ref waved play on.

McGrath takes on the defence, looking for Mills but the keeper heads away instead back down to the Hereford half. A corner to Bideford is cleared by Green to be floated back in, Green clearing again back over the halfway line to a waiting Mills on the edge of the box. Davies gets a cross in but is fouled, though not given, and Bideford capitalise back up to the Hereford half. With all players in front of goal, there is a challenge on Horsell who goes down with an injured shoulder. Several minutes pass as he is attended to by Jonny Evans, Hereford Physio. A concerning moment for Hereford as there was no natural alternative goalie on the bench.

With Horsell back on his feet and the ball back in play, it's Green who goes in with a strong tackle on the centre line, the Ref giving a free kick away, this time. Bideford work the ball but is eventually cleared to Symons, kicking direct to Mills who is clear and in front of goal but the kick is too strong and goes over the goal line instead. The goal kick sends the ball back into the Hereford defence who clear for a throw into the Hereford penalty area. Bideford take a shot but it heads straight over the top for a goal kick.

McGrath and Plummer work the ball this time, back to Dinsley, to Plummer for a corner from the left. Bideford players are not happy with Plummer forcing the Ref to intervene to allow the corner to be taken, which only results in a throw in. Attempts to reach Symons fails as the ball comes off McGrath instead for a goal kick straight to Green but the Ref calls for offside and the ball goes back to Horsell.

SUBS: Hereford #7 Plummer off - #17 Molyneux on

The ball is taken quickly on the break as play resumes, McGrath to Haysham to Mills but Molyneux can't get to the pass as Bideford race back to defend.
Bideford are still wanting to take on the Bulls and get a goal but seemingly less threatening, though not giving up and taking advantage of the miss passing Hereford create. Hereford not playing with the same pace as the first half and struggling to pass the ball as effectively.

Another break from Hereford with Mills to Haysham to Green on the wing to Molyneux and back to Haysham who is challenged but Dinsley wins the ball back and sends it deeper into the Bideford half.

John Mills Get Past Chris McGrath

But Was He Brought Down By Kai Fisher?

SUBS: Bideford Wilson on – Squires off - 17 minutes remaining

Back in play, Hereford still 2-0 up, Mills tries to force a corner but the defence keep the ball, still in the Bideford half, Hereford still applying pressure, Bideford attack but the ball is swiftly back with Haysham who is subsequently fouled. Yellow card to Bideford.

SUBS: Hereford #9 Mills off - #12 Purdy on - Mills receiving a standing ovation from the crowd

A tackle on Green from Bideford but the Ref, again, waves play on.

SUBS: #8 Dinsley off - #6 Edge on

Hereford are caught napping as they re-assemble with the fresh players on the pitch and a header from a long free kick by Bideford sears past Horsell into the back of the net to halve the lead Hereford held for 87 minutes – Hereford 2 –1 Bideford

A free kick for Hereford in the Bideford half is awarded after Purdy is brought down, Hereford trying to pick the pace back up following conceding a goal, going on the attack … Haysham to Symons but they cant beat the Bideford defence as they dig in, refuelled by clawing a goal back, sending the ball back into the Hereford half, looking for the equaliser but Horsell claims the ball for a goal kick.
SUBS: Bideford Tucker off - #14 on
With 5 minutes of added time Hereford try again with a free kick, passing from Preece to Molyneux but the ball comes off a defender giving a throw in for Green. The ball is soon back in the Hereford half, Bideford in the penalty area, taking a shot at goal but heading straight over the bar.

Bideford have upped the pace at this point as they push for a 2nd goal, the 4 Hereford defence under pressure but Purdy pushes the ball away as the final whistle blows.

FT Hereford 2 – 1 Bideford

Sponsors MOTM – John Mills

Bulls News MOTM:
This was a far superior start from Hereford maintaining pressure from the whistle and putting solid passes and clearances together. The pace was fast and furious in the first half, strong in midfield between Dinsley and McGrath, Preece and Fortune showing their experience alongside Green and Davies to give a solid performance on the back row. Plummer and Haysham, again strong flying down the wings with some excellent cross passes into Mills and great tackling and winning of the ball by Haysham. Symons again, strong on that front line, sucking in the defence as they hunt him down in pairs, opening up the box for Mills to have chances on goal. Mills, as ever, the man who can put the ball in the net, scoring a scorcher of a 2nd goal, sheer class.
So we have to agree with the Match sponsors on this one: MOTM goes to John Mills.

TEAM: Horsell, Green, Davies, McGrath, Preece, Fortune, Plummer, Dinsley, Mills, Haysham, Symons

SUBS: Purdie, Sinclair, Edwards, Edge, Molyneux

Next Match: Hereford v Shortwood – Saturday 12th November – Edgar Street, KO 3pm