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Saturday, November 05, 2016

We've Managed The Game Said Beadle

In his post match interview after this afternoon's 2-1 win over Bideford, Hereford manager Peter Beadle was disappointed that his side had let Bideford back into the game after going 2-0 ahead.

"Deja Vu, every game we play at the moment could have been more,"said Beadle.

"And then we give away another really poor goal and then it's like people start getting nervous but today we've seen it through again.

"We've seen a side of a team that have travelled all the distance they have travelled and they've come here and kept going right to the end.

"Another day I don't think they would be like, they would play different, but that's what we are up against, we need to know that and we need to get that third goal to give ourselves that little bit of a cushion but it didn't come today again.

"But we've picked up the three points.

"It wasn't a poor performance, I thought it was a good performance first half. 

"They came out and had a bit of a go and I thought it was a bit bity, a bit scrappy second half but we had to manage the game. We're 2-0 ahead and we've got to manage the game the best we can and if it doesn't work out and we can't get any flucency going, any rhythen going, we just win the game and that's what we did in the end."

Beadle selected Ryan Green, Mark Preece, Clayton Fortune and Adam Davies as his back four.

"You look at it as a completely different back four from the other night. Ryan played at right back, he hasn't played at right back for a little while, two brand new centre halves and Adam as left back, who has been playing right back last couple of games.

"So a completely different back four, so again apart from the one shot on goal when Clayton did ever so well to stand on his feet first half, the lad put it wide and then the one in the side netting, the goal was the only shot they had on target. So how badly have we played again today? They did fine and their experience told in certain key areas of the game and for most set pieces but like I said I felt if we could keep a clean sheet that would be great. The back four as a whole did okay as I expected and they'll only get better the more games they play."

John Mills After His Second Goal
Man of the match John Mills scored twice in the first half but was subbed midway during the second period.

"He did great. Listen Millsy does what Millsy does. He has had a good game today and he's played well. He played a powerful first half. The front two were exceptional in their workrate and team-play and then towards the end I felt Bideford were getting a bit of a foothold in the game so we tried to shore it up a little bit.

"John had felt his knee before the game and I get criticised for bringing him off when the game was 2-0 up. That's part and parcel of the game. We need to save him and keep him fresh. He had a little twinge in his knee before the game, he scored two goals and we were fairly comfortablish but they were just starting to get a foothold in the second half so we just felt we would shore up the middle of the park and beat them wide.

"But it never happened, we never really got going second half."

Calvin Dinsley
Loanee Calvin Dinsley came off with a knock near the end of the game.

"Last game today. We'll speak to Calvin and Gloucester, I think Tim (Harris) was here today, in the next couple of days and see what is best for all parties.

"In the games he has been here he's done great. I thought today was probably his, not poorest, but not his most effective game.  Overall we've been really pleased with him and I'm sure he's enjoyed what he has done so far. We'll just talk this week and see where we go."

No Jimmy Oates this afternoon and Chris Parry remains sidelined with an ankle injury.

"I gave Jimmy a rest, he's played a lot of games recently, he's still with Harpbury so after playing ninety minutes against Swindon he played eighty minutes for Harpbury on Wednesday and the week before he did the same. 

"So, obviously, he's played five game in about ten days so we gave him a rest. And as good as he's been this year with him we don't want him piking up any un-neccessary injuries.

"With the defenders we've now got at the club we could afford to give him a rest today.

"Chris informed me today that it would be his last day with us. He's had an opportunity at work that he can't turn down but it means him working Saturdays. So he informed me before the game that it's his last game with us today.

"It's a shame because he's a real good prospect and we've enjoyed working with him and he was coming along quite nicely.

"Being part-time footballers your main income comes first so we wish him all the best and we've lost another one.

"Look at it now and with Joel, Ryan, Jimmy, Adam, Clayton and Mark we've probably got enough.

"Chris has played a part in the season so far and it would have been nice to have kept him because I could really see him coming into his own as the season went on but these things happen.

"We're not short of defenders now with the three over recent weeks we've brought in and the three we've already got here and whatever back four you put in loks very strong. We need to get some confidence and keep a couple clean sheets and hopefully that will do them the world of good we'll just get stronger from hereon in."

Finally Beadle commented about the attendance of nearly 2700 this afternoon.

"Absolutely fantastic, they were more like their usual selves today, they were loud from the start. Obviously shooting uphill towards the Blackfriars End is difficult as it is so quite up that end  but they were brilliant today.

"They went quiet towards the end which was understandable but to come in the numbers and with how well Westfields have done in their FA Cup run is credit to them for turning up.

"All we can do is to keep trrying to win games and try to entertain the best we can but sometimes we've just got to grind a result out and today was one of them."