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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Won't Allow Complacency To Happen Says Beadle

Peter Beadle With Recent Signing Mike McGrath

In an interview with the Non-League Daily, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle has insisted that he won't allow complaceny to set in despite being top of the South and West League.

"Complacency won't set in on the playing side and behind the scenes it won't either, we won't allow that to happen" said Beadle.

"At the end of the day we know that as you go through the leagues it will get tougher and tougher.  We have high standards that I expect of the players and I do the same behind the scenes.  We are all working hard here.

"But people asked why we brought in three new players when we were ten games unbeaten.  Why are we changing it?  We aren't resting on our laurels, we are changing it at the best time and that is when we are on top.

"We won't let complacency set in because when we do it will ruin our season.  I won't allow that to happen to the players, I won't allow that to happen to me and when it does we will change it again."

Beadle says it has been tough to bring new players to Edgar Street.

"It's been tough to bring players in. Very, very tough in fact" he said.

"I think people think when you are a club like Hereford, or Tranmere for example in the National League, Stockport in the National League North, people think there is an instant attraction.

"People think you can sign who you want, when you want but it's not like that. It couldn't be further from the truth.

"A month ago we wanted to reshuffle a bit, to keep everyone on their toes and we spoke to six players but not one of them came to the club.

"They had their own reasons, they wanted to stay where they were and that's their prerogative, we are fine with that.

"But I think the travelling may have put them off and financially they may have expected a better offer.

"We are working within our budget, we haven't got a bottomless pit here.

"One of the things I learnt early in management from a chairman was to ensure you get value for money with signings. You have to get value for money in your budget, no matter what size that budget is.

"We have that at the moment but if I start spending ridiculous amounts of money on one or two players I will leave myself short elsewhere.

"The good thing is we have an even keel across the board with our squad financially and in terms of positions.

"We have lost a few recently but we have signed players that have made us stronger.

"The recruitment side isn't easy and everyone expects something different of us."