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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Potential is Fantastic said Beadle

In his post-match interview with Keith Hall, manager Pete Beadle also spoke about about the player pathway from UITC to the first team.

“Tonight's another opportunity to introduce some of the kids," said Beadle

“It worked out great for us and great for them. I’m sure they’ve enjoyed their evening here and they put in a performance for their club as well.

“They’re not quite knocking on the door [of the first team] yet, they’ve got a long way to go, but they’ve got potential and that’s the most important thing

“When you consider that Max [Harris], Rory [Huntbach], Greg [Preece] and Harry [Franklin[ are all 16 still, they’ve only just come out of school.

“And to perform like that when they came on is a credit to them and to the work that the coaches are doing with them at UITC

“A lot of people go on about the pathway for players, and there is a pathway there, but they have to be of the right sort.

“They have to be right academically first of all, because they need to do their academic side right. But they have to be of the right attitude to play, they have to want to learn and they have to listen.

“Obviously you’ve got Lewis [Clarke] and Matt [McDoanld] as well who are in their second year now, and Lewis played last year, so there is potential there and I’m really pleased with what they’re doing.

“Max has had some really good news this week already [link], and today was his first senior start other than friendlies.

“Rory is plodding along nicely, Matt played a big part in the last round and it was Greg’s first game tonight.

“It’s really promising and there’s more boys as well, but we can’t put them all in at the same time. The potential is fantastic and they’ve done well tonight, they didn’t look out of place at all.