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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Former Hereford United Player Could Feature For Wales

Williams (6) in action for Rhyl against Abergavenny
16 year old Paige Williams started her footballing career in Herefordshire but now plays for Rhyl in the Welsh Premier Woman's League. She has already been tipped to feature in the national team.

The Daily Post spoke to Williams:

At what age did you start playing football and what attracted you to the game?

I started playing football at the age of seven. After doing gymnastics and dance I looked to do a new sport, and that was football. From watching my mum play football with her team on weekends, I loved the whole idea of working within a team and this inspired me and gave me passion to start playing. My mum would always bring a ball with us when we would go for walks with the dog or days out, and used to make me kick it about and play with her, whilst giving me coaching tips to help me progress. From then I took to the sport and haven’t stopped playing it since.

What was the name of your first team and how good were they?
The first team I played for was Hinton girls under 10s in Hereford. Our team wasn’t the strongest in the league and I wasn’t much good either as a player. I could barely kick a ball so my team put me in goal to more or less keep me out the way. However, being the youngest in the team, the older members left to move up an age group and I was left down. Having no team to go to because there wasn’t enough members, my mum became a qualified coach and decided to get involved and take over the team. She got more players to join the team and we started the league again. We turned from one of the weakest to one of the one of the strongest in the Hereford FA League and I began to progress as a player and move to right wing.

Have you played any representative football? If so, please give details
I have played for Hereford United from the age of 10 to 12, which was county football. I also played for Birmingham City Ladies at the age of 13. I moved from Hereford in England, to Wales at the age of 13 and have played for North Wales, However, I am unable to play for Wales due to me being English with no Welsh family, but I can once I have lived in Wales for five years, which won’t be long.

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