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Saturday, October 01, 2016

We Were Punished In The First Eight Minutes Said Beadle

After full time at Tonbridge, Hereford manager Peter Beadle gave his reaction to the 4-2 defeat.

"Disappointment of course," said Beadle

"We made it a real uphill battle for ourselves after eight minutes but in between that I thought for the last fifty five minutes of the game between the two boxes I thought we dominated the game in possession.

"The third goal came at a great time for them, poor goal on our part, and then we get ourselves back in the game and then the ricochet bit of back luck as well and then we get another one but it was too late.

"You can't start like that and expect to win games.

"We get away with it (slow starts) sometimes because teams in our league or the league we played in last year did not have enough quality to capitalise on the mistakes but when you playing a team that are flying high in the league above they will punish you and we got punished in eight minutes.

"Outside of that they had a few half chances, one goal disallowed, a few bits of scambles but they never cut us open. We had a far higher percentage of the ball but we didn't create anything with it.

"First goal John's got fifteen yards of space in all directions around him, decides to play it one touch, it's a sloppy pass, and they break away then we give a foul away and then he's on the half way line with no trouble losing the ball.

"We talk about it all the time and that's what I've just said to them now it's getting to a point where if players are not listening and understanding when we're working on what we are doing to improve, to be better, and it's not sinking in then may be we need to change.

"We won't change the way we play but we need to change and have players that, maybe, take it on board a little bit better."

Interviewee Keith Hall noted that Tonbridge are in a higher league and promotion chasing as well.

"How much different were they to Tiverton last week?" said Beadle.

"Bit stronger, more powerfull, quicker especially down the left," said Hall.

"He ran Purds a little bit," said Beadle.

"Poor defending from us from the throw in he runs through and scores but I don't think anyone would have caught him anyway.

"I don't think they were hugely different to Tiverton, a bit more experienced may be and a bit more know how.

"But they were a team fluid in the Conference South and this league for a couple of seasons now but I still think that on our day we could win against them and I certainly felt confident before the game we could beat them.

"But when you give yourself the start we had it always makes it even tougher.

"We've got to learn to be better against teams that play like that because the higher we go through the leagues and even in this league we are going to come up against more teams like that than footballing teams so the players have to find a way to be better against teams like that.

"We got caught with the free kick, we got caught with a poor piece of defending from a throw in but outside of that it's hard to think of a time when they created a chance, a possible penalty in the first half when Joel got caught out,  but it's his first game back after a month so you expect him to be a little bit rusty.

"But in between that I thought for an hour or fifty five minutes after their first two goals and up until they scored the third or fourth one we were totally dominant in possession but we didn't have enough to create anything. Which is disappointing because that's what we've been good at. 

"We were playing a team a league above, their ambition is to get into the Conference South and if they did get in there I'm pretty much sure they would hold their own in that league so it was a real good test for us today. A real good challenge.

"I thought when the fourth went in it was a little bit harsh as I didn't think we deserved that as I thought in-between we played quite well. But we got punished and we shot ourselves in the foot and you can't do it.

"It's time for the players to stand up and be counted. We've got some good players and when we are two or three up we've got some very good players who all want to get on the ball and play.

"But when things don't come our way we want the same enthusiasm and they've got it in them, I've seen it all last year, I know they've got it in them. But for whatever reason today it wasn't there for us for a small spell at the beginning of the game.

"It wasn't out of our reach but it was always going to be tough.

"When they scored the third goal I thought it was against the run of play but again poor defending by us.

"We've talked all last season and this season defensively when the ball moves backwards clear our box and give room for the keeper to come and get it. We didn't clear our box and the fellow enters into our six yard box and it goes in.

"If we had done what we're asked to do Alex would have come out and caught it instead it's a poor goal against the run of pay and it just kills us off.

"And then we get the goal back and you think maybe we might have a chance but the game was gone after the first eight minutes and it was always going to be a tough one.

"Last week and this week I've learnt some more about the players that we've got and we'll keep plugging away and keep working hard.

"The quality is there without a doubt but we have to adapt to play against teams that play in that manner. And we haven't done it quite so well today for spells of the game."

Finally Beadle was asked about the return of Pablo Haysham who came on at half-time.

"He gave us a little bit of a spark when he came on and did okay but you could see he was a little bit rusty.

"He's had three weeks out but hopefully he'll get fitter and fitter now."