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Friday, October 21, 2016

Vaughan Comments On HFC Board Changes

UITC chairman Nick Vaughan has commented about the board changes at Hereford FC.

"I'd like to wish Jon (Hale) all the best on his new venture," Vaughan told BN.

"I've spoken to the new chairman Chris Williams to wish him the best of luck and to congratulate him from all the trustees.

"Chris has been quite supportive of UITC over the years and I very much wish him the best of luck as well."

Meanwhile HUST has put out a statement about Jon Hale.

Following the announcement that Jon Hale is standing down from the HFC Board due to business commitments, HUST would like to acknowledge the pivotal role that Jon played in re-establishing our football club at Edgar Street. 

On behalf of all supporters, we would like to thank him for those tremendous efforts during dark days. His perseverance and enthusiasm has driven the club forward and the record will always show he was Hereford FC's first ever chairman.