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Monday, October 10, 2016

Sol Wheatley Back At Edgar Street For Paulton?

Sol Wheatley Pictured At Heanor
Former Hereford FC winger Sol Wheatley is expected to be in the Paulton team who visit Edgar Street tomorrow evening.

Wheatley played for Hereford for most of the first half of last season before being released at the start of November.

Manager Peter Beadle sometimes appeared frustrated by the player.

In a post match interview last September he explained why.

"We think Sol has got a twin," said the Hereford FC manager.

"One turns up for training, one turns up for games.

"He's a great kid and he works extremely hard and it's just not happening for him.

"We saw him pre-season what he's about and whether it's a confidence thing I don't know or whether it's an intimidation of the size of the project we are running here and the club and everything else I don't know.

Wheatley At Stourport
"But he needs to change, he needs to perform like he did pre-season in the league games and he can't say he hasn't been given a chance.

"In spells today I thought he did extremely well but because he's a big lad when he makes a mistake it does stand out a little bit.

"We've said to him that he got to simplify his game a little bit at times and again you feel for him today because Carlos comes on and within of minute of him coming on, to replace him, he creates a penalty.

"So he's having a hard time but we'll rally around him. Sometimes you forgive people mistakes when they work as hard as he is doing at the moment.

"We want some more quality from his end product. That's the thing that is lacking from Sol at the moment.

"He had a hand in the goal here last week with a cross for the goal. He needs to do it more consistantly through the games.

"I've said to all the players if you don't play well on the day you've still got a part to play by working hard.

"Not a perfect day for him but a good day for him. He's worked hard and we've got a result."
Since leaving Hereford, Wheatley has played for Weston Super Mare, Chippenham and Paulton.