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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We Earned Our Luck Said Beadle

Peter Beadle spoke to local press after tonight's 2-1 win over Paulton Rovers.

"I wouldn't say it was a struggle but you were playing against a team who parked the proverbial bus," said the Hereford manager.

"They've had the penalty, one shot on goal that trickled to Horse and one they blasted over and in the whole game so we weren't not at our slickest at times but we created plenty of chances and in the end I thought we earned our luck, in the end with our goal.

"We kept at it, we showed great character.

"In games like that it's not easy when they stick nine men behind the ball and they worked it well.

"They're young, they're fit, they're energetic, they worked it really well.

"We shot ourselves in the foot with the penalty, outside of that they never troubled us, they never bothered us.

"Sometimes that win is better than a 4-0, 5-0  because we showed character, we kept going.

"I know it's frustrating at times for supporters, frustrating for the players because they want to do well, and win three, four or five if they can.

"But in games like what is important is character and we've shown that tonight."

Right at the end of the game the referee reversed a throw in decision for time waisting.

"I think he made the right call, I think in the first half the left back walked up the touchline kicked the ball twice before he picked it up further away from where he was. 

"Once they got back in the game they had something to hold on to and they were taking time.

"In the end I think we played 52 minutes second half. So he played right through to the very end and he saw it out and he felt that was the right call.

"Like I said it wasn't the first time he had done it either he had been warned plenty of times so I thought it was the right call and we earned that bit of luck tonight by the way we dug in and kept going."

Jake Sinclair scored Hereford's first goal.

"We've worked it quite well, created quite a few chances. Jake took that one early.

"I spoke to him last week about finishing off. Tonight he did it well. It was just a shame he had to come off but great start and we looked comfortable throught the game.

"We never looked in trouble until we gave away the penalty after that it was one way traffic second half, we camped in their half and sometimes you don't have your bit of luck luck but tonight we did."

Luck was not with Mike Symons tonight as he missed a couple of chances.

"On another night!

"Like I said for us we're going through a bit of a lull obviously we're coming off the back of two defeats. I thought we played particularily well at Salisbury, maybe not so well at Tonbridge where we defended naively.

"And even tonight Mike (McGrath) should know better with his experience to just put his foot through and clear it but from the corner he tried to bring it down and we get caught out.

"It was a real ground out result but one that we deserved."

Sinclair came off with a calf injury.

"I don't know if he'll be fit for the weekend but hopefully for the Wellington game here next Tuesday. Even that one might be too soon but we'll see how he is  next twenty four hours."