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Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Think We Threw It Away Said Beadle

After this afternoon's 2-2 draw with Didcot, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle spoke to the local media.

"I think we threw it away in the end," said Beadle

"It was a tough game, it was always going to be with the way they play.

"I thought we did really well first half to go 2 ahead then we asked them second half to up the tempo a little bit.

"And then we shoot ourselves in the foot again, which seems to be a constant thing this season so far.

"And it was a poor penalty to give away, poor defending again and it's cost us. And then we had to change it a little bit to try and keep the points in the bag.

"Even after that we had chances to extend the lead and then we've been punished right at the end with some even more naive defending. One to give the free kick away in the first place and two with not staying with our runners.

"We were in control at half time, a few little problems but nothing we couldn't deal with.

"They hit the post early on, but we sorted it out and we were fine. We looked very comfortable and we just wanted them to up the tempo a bit, keep the ball moving a little bit quicker, keep shifting the ball around the pitch and keep them chasing after it.

"I said the next goal is vital for us but unfortunately they got the next goal which gave them a bit of a lift and we lost Ryan which wasn't helpful and we had to re-jig it a little bit. It then it takes us ten minutes to get ourselves going again.

"After we made the changes and got back to what we thought we could do to one contain the game and nick another goal. We had opportunities to do that but didn't take them and then we got cruelly punished in the last minute."

Keith Hall, who interviewed Beadle, felt the penalty and red card were pivitol and suggested you can't give a penalty and send the player off.

"This is what we've asked, I've spoken to the referee. He said the rules are this year if it's a push, a pull or holding, shirt pulling then it's a straight red but if you make a genuine attempt to tackle with your feet but you bring him down, last man or not, then it's not a sending off.

"Now we've had four or five penalties this season players not even booked who has given penalties away so like I said it's not the referee's fault, it's the rules and inconsistancy of them and how people see them and put them in place.

"Of course it affected us because it gave them a boost just after half time but again it's poor defending from us. It came from a long clearance from the keeper. We 've talked about how many times their number nine pinned Chris and get the ball into his chest.We talked about having a better line second half and he does exactly the same thing first kick of the game second half he gets pinned, it drops down, they get the ball out wide, Jimmy doesn't win the header, back across the goal, Ryan loses his man and he brings him down. It's unfortunate but we've got to stop doing it.

"Our play other than that was great, I thought the character of the players digging  in with ten men was great, we even created chances to extend our lead but we didn't take them."

Hereford had two penalty claims, one when Symons legs appreared to be taken and one where Haysham was booked for diving.

"I don't remember Mike's one but Pablo's one right at the end, the referee said he trailled his leg. I think there was actual body contact, shoulder to shoulder, he pushed him out of the way than actual foot contact.

"Again you can ask the questions but at the end of the day it's up to them, they make the decisions. Was it or wasn't it, 50% will say it was, 50% will say it wasn't but at the end of the day we didn't get it.

"We've taken a point which is not a bad thing. We were in a great position to take three but we've taken the one. We suck it up and we get on with it on Tuesday."