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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hale's Departure Was A Surprise Said Williams

Acting Chairman Chris Williams (On Right) Along With Director Phil Eynon
Hereford FC acting chairman Chris Williams has revealed that he didn't know that former chairman Jon Hale was stepping down until last Monday's board meeting.

"It was a surprise," Williams told BN.

"It was something that happened relatively quickly and we dealt with it, as our board does, professionally.

"We came to the decision that Jon offered his resignation and we accepted it as a board.

"It's a case that we have as directors of this club signed agreements that say we shouldn't do anything that would conflict with the aims and objectives of the club and Jon realised, and as soon as he realised there was a conflict in this, he offered his resignation and we accepted it. It is as simple as that really.

"The board have asked me to take on Jon's role until December 14th which I've agreed to do until the AGM.

"Meanwhile between now and then the board will consider our options and think about what we will do in terms of the future of the board and how it's going to work. We'll make those decisions and they will be made plain as and when we make them.

"It's too soon to make those decisions yet."

News earlier this week that the lease on Edgar Street is set to be renewed for ten years.

"The lease situation is the good news story of the week but it isn't finalised yet. 

"It's unlikely to be the longer lease which we would all have liked but we will then have a thirteen and a half year lease ground if it stands and we enact it today subject to finalising details with our landlords.

"But I see it as wholly positive move in that the Council have the confidence in our new club to start to talk about a lease with double digits in length. That to me is a positive move and I'm really pleased they've seen the value of what we've done here and are keen to support us in the ways they are doing.

"The Blackfriars End is part of the negotiations, ongoing discussions, there's nothing finalised.

"I think if I go back to our aims and ambitions of the club, I started working on this ages ago and I've always had my intentions of getting this club back to a Football League club and as you know we need four sides of the ground to enable us to do that and we'll be working towards that.

"It can't come soon enough as we might get some very good referees at that level!"

Which allowed the interview to move to the game itself.

"Bit disappointed really.

"I thought we showed a lot of promise in the first half. I think  the team had a good shape, a good balance but we miss the pace we had last year.

"I like to be quite positive about the way we play but I just don't think we've quite hit the mark yet. 

"Today is a salutory lesson. Tuesday I'm worried. Supermarine are a good side but we tend to play well against good sides so fingers crossed.

"I'll be there shouting the team on."