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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hale Launches New Sports Based Company

Jon Hale who resigned as Hereford Chairman this afternoon is involved in the launch of a new sports based company.

Will Hale, Jon's brother, has said:

'This has NOTHING to do with leases etc. We have launched a new company that is sports based. The 'conflict of interest' is down to that - don't want it to be seen that we are using HFC to benefit ourselves. Which it wouldn't. 

'But undoubtably there would be those that claim it would. Hence the announcement this afternoon.'

Later he added:  'The marketing, or certainly the early marketing, of the new business will be social media based. The 'conflict' would be Jon using his position as chairman of HFC to his benefit by marketing the new company through social media. That's it.

'Put it a other way, if we went full out marketing this on social media without jon stepping away, some would flag up, undoubtedly, that the chairman was making money using his position as chairman. '

'Hence the decision.

'There is 100% no smokescreen for anything else.'

Meanwhile Chris Williams who takes over as chairman has noted the time he spends on Hereford FC work and suggested that could have figured in Jon Hale's decision.

"Probably I spend 15 to 20 hours a week doing work for Hereford FC in addition to a full time job and family. That comes into it.

"I'm lucky as my children are grown up.

"Jon has got three young children. He wants to be a Dad to them."

Later Jon Hale tweeted: 'Looking forward to new venture, in sports retail industry. To protect integrity of Board, paramount that I made break now, as hard as it is

'I'll always be a @HerefordFC fan & will see you all at Edgar Street regularly! The most amazing staff, volunteers and fans. Onwards!'