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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Club Sends Best Wishes To Injured Supporter

Hereford FC have released a statement about the injury to a young supporter at Salisbury yesterday.

Hereford FC’s Chief Executive, Ken Kinnersley, has this morning sent the club’s best wishes to the young supporter who suffered a broken leg following a collision with a car after yesterday’s FA Trophy tie at Salisbury.
He has also thanked the three female supporters who looked after the fan until an ambulance arrived – staying with him until he was safely on his way to hospital.
Speaking earlier, Kinnersley said:
‘On behalf of everyone at the club, I’d like to send our best wishes to the young man injured in the unfortunate incident after yesterday’s game. I have managed to briefly make contact with his friend who accompanied him to hospital and was pleased to hear he is now more comfortable. Everyone here at Edgar Street hopes he makes a speedy recovery from his injuries and we look forward to seeing him back supporting the club soon.
‘I would also like to take this opportunity to express the club’s sincere thanks to the three ladies who, without hesitation, offered the injured supporter such fantastic care until an ambulance arrived at the scene. It was apparent quite quickly that the young man had potentially suffered a broken leg and the ladies, also Hereford fans, remained at his side for some 40 minutes after the game – comforting him, reassuring him and keeping him warm as lay on the track after the collision with the car.
‘It is fair to say the ladies were nothing short of absolutely brilliant and when he was safely in the ambulance they just wanted to fade away without fuss. However, although we will privately be making contact with these ladies, we do feel it is important we publicly thank them for their actions and acknowledge their kindness yesterday.
‘In addition, I’d also like to say ‘thank you’ to the fans who offered kind words to the injured fan – although supporters were no doubt disappointed by the defeat, the way they responded to a fellow fan’s suffering was really heartwarming.’