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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Absolutely Delighted Said Didcot Assistant Manager

Ian Lovegrove On Left
Didcot Town probably didn't think they would get much from today's game at Edgar Street especially at half time when they were 2-0 down. But they came back and perhaps deserved a point after defensive erors by the Bulls led to two goals for the visitors.

"Absolutely delighted with that," said assistant manager Ian Lovegrove.

"Boys worked hard throughout, thought we were unlucky to go 2-0 down in all fairness.

"A couple of referee decisions, he was under a lot of pressure with all 3,000 behind him!

"The character the boys shown was really, really, good."

Hereford's Ryan Green was sent off.

"I presume it was a push. As soon as the referee gives the decision he has to give a red card, he has no choice but to send him off as he was about to put the ball in the back of the net. If it was or it wasn't I can't be sure from here."

Didcot were 2-0 down at half time.

"We knew the next goal was massive and fortunately we got it and got it early. That gave us time to come back into it.

"We left it a bit late for the equaliser, it made it all the sweeter really."

Haysham went down in the box right at the end of the game and Hereford thought they might have a penalty.

"I've seen them given. My heart was in my mouth for a minute. You get some, some you don't..

"I thought him and Millsy did well but I'll take the point."