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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We Were Comfortable Throughout the Game Said Beadle

After tonight's 3-0 win over Slimbridge, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle gave his reaction to the local media.

"First fifteen minutes we were great, got our two goal lead, but then it went a little bit flat after that," said Beadle.

"Took a long time to get going again.

"I don't think we were ever in any danger of losing the game but as we have said before 2-0 you've only got to make one mistake or them score a great goal or whatever then you give them something to hang onto.

"So it was nice to get the third goal and kill it off a little bit really.

"2-0 is probably the most uncomfortable scoreline to have because you score the third one the game is done, you conceed one it's game on again.

"For long periods of the game we were comfortable without moving it as quickly as we would like to, they never really threatened in open play.

"For the most part the biggest threat to us is us. if you make a mistake or we slip or two fellows challenge at the same time, it's just things like that that you can't account for and we've got to get that out of our game a little bit. It's crept in a bit in the last couple of weeks, I don't know where its come from but it's there at the moment and we've got to get out of it.

"For the most part I'm pleased, Mike's had ninety minutes under his belt which he was desperate for, Jake's got a good seventy minutes under his belt. We've given them some game time 

"For the most part we looked fairly comfortable and it was just a case of killing the game off and getting that third goal.

"In general play or even from set-pieces they never looks a threat, it was always going to come from a mistake from us.

"We didn't ride our look, I thought we were comfortable throughout the game.

"But we are asking for a little bit more, a better tempo. For fifteen minutes I thought we were great, we moved the ball really well, we looked sharp, we looked lively and went two goals up and you think go on then go make a statement.

"Then we go the other way and take the foot off a little bit. It's a habit we had last year and it's one we've got this year. I losing my voices saying the same things about keeping that tempo going, for better expression put your foot down harder, go and squash it,  go and kill the game off.

"2-0 is a difficult scoreline without them really threatening but you just think any minute now you can see one of us slipping or a clearance ricocheting off one of us and going the other way.

"But tonight that wasn't to be and we got the third goal and killed the game off and after that we could have had a couple more.

"Just happy, it's a clean sheet and three points so we move on now and have a bit of a break from the League."