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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Two Players Off The Mark Said Beadle

Jamie Edge After Scoring Hereford's Third Goal
Tristam Plummer and Jamie Edge scored their first goals for Hereford FC last night in the 3-0 win over Romulus.

Manager Peter Beadle was pleased for them.

"Two players off the mark tonight, Jamie and Tristam. Nice to see them get on the score sheet.

"And again we talked before the game about sharing the goals out and not just leaving it to the front three or four who ever it may be so it was nice to see Jamie get on the scoresheet tonight."

Interviewed by Trevor Owens, Beadle was asked why Pablo Haysham was subbed early in the second half.

"Pablo caught his ankle just before halftime. As he was in the air the lad just caught his foot and it twisted his ankle so it was a bit sore. I said see how you go on it and he said I want to keep going but five/ten minutes in he said it was sore and so he get him off and bring Ross on."