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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tiverton Should Have Won It Said Beadle

Peter Beadle Chats To The Referee Before Kick-off
After this afternoon's 1-1 draw at Tiverton, Hereford FC manager Peter Beadle spoke to BN.

A point gained?

"Massively, massively a point gained because we shouldn't have got a point out of it," said Beadle.

Keeper Alex Harris made some exceptional saves yet was probably at fault for Tiverton's goal.

"First half he has made a fantastic save, they should have scored.

"We should have scored with Ross's chance on the back post, it was an open goal. He had only got to be brave enough to head it in or side foot it in or let it come off his chest and it's in the back of the net already. For whatever reason he doesn't.

"After that it was a game of attrition, they had a style of play to try and stifle us. They had a game plan and it pretty much worked.

"We didn't get going at all and in the end they should have won it."

Tiverton scored from a free kick after Chris Parry was deemed to fouled a Tiverton player.

Beadle Felt This Was A Foul
"I thought it was a foul for us just before that. Mike has gone to try and win the header and the lads made a back for him. Twenty minutes before that we had the same incident where we've supposedly made a back and one of their lads went over the top and he's blown for it so I don't see the difference. Chris has then made a challenge but he kicked the ball back towards his own goal and the referee saw it as a foul. But after that we've still got to defend it better than that.

"It was 35 yards out and it's bounced before its gone in. He's got to do better than that for the goal. Alex should be in the middle of his goal and he should deal with that comfortably. As I said it bounces before it hits the post and goes in. It wasn't whipped in with any real pace, it was a steady strike and he's got to do better, he knows that.

"He keeps us in it one minute but he should do better with the one they get back in the game with."

Tristan Plummer scored the Hereford goal.

"Our goal was the only time we actually made some passes. It was a nice finish and then it was a case of trying to see it through and we couldn't do it.

"After they got their goal they should have won the game."

Beadle was asked why the team played so many high balls given the strength of the wind particularily in the first half.

"You are asking the wrong person again!

"We talk about the way we want to play. Sometimes we have to play a little bit more direct early on to get ourselves into the game and play in their final third a little bit so if we knock one a little longer and it gets knocked out for a  throw-in in the final third it gives us a chance to get in the final third and play in the final third.

"We don't want to take too many risks, the pitch wasn't great. It's not a nice pitch, very compact and a bit bobbly so we don't want to take chances at the back. Early doors we need to make sure we settle into the game but the problem was we never got settled into the game so it kept going long because we couldn't get a foothold in the game for whatever reason,  players not being brave enough to play the ball to people, to get the ball moving and we didn't do it right all through the game.

"The only time we put together some passes we scored.

"They are not told don't play, don't pass. They've got to be brave. Whether it was because one or two because of the type of game it was didn't fancy it so what I don't know, you'll have to ask the players that. That's why we made changes to try and turn it around a little bit. Not because particular players we brought off had done worse than anybody else, we just tried to change it.

"I thought Mike and Jake made a difference when they came on.

"Too many players were off the boil today. Too many of our players didn't perform today. Sometimes you get away with the odd couple but today from 1 to 11 I thought we were very poor."