Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Performance Was Spot On Said Beadle

Peter Beadle spoke to the press after last night's 3-0 win over Romulus in the FA Cup. He started by saying he was pleased to get the job done.

"I thought we were going to suffer our usual curse of having chance after chance after chance and then they were going to break away and score one. They had a couple of half chances from our errors in the first ten/fifteen minutes, and then we settled down and then I thought it was a case of if we could put a chance away and if John had put that one way before half time I think it would have been even plainer sailing in the second half, but he got one straight after half time, so at was great to get that one and again, you know, chance after chance after chance keeps going by and we can't keep doing it, but the performance was spot on."

Romulus had a decent chance after just two minutes.

"A great save from Alex, he done really well to keep it out. 

"Like I said they'd been on a bus journey and got here late and they've come out but you would have thought it was us who didn't really start right with that one with Rob. But the players make mistakes you can't atone for them, you've just got to get on with it. But fortunately Alex did what he was paid to do and he made a great save."

The game started half an hour late.

"It can be disruptive at times because obviously we're trying to prepare for the game and you want to make sure you are ready so that when the game starts you're at full tilt, but obviously we had to delay it and then start again, we were umming and aahing. I thought we've been spot on tonight, our performance was really good, much improved from Saturday.

"A fantastic team performance. Sell it from the back, creating chances going the other way, we moved the ball reasonably well and we've got to stop making excuses about the pitch, but we've got to go there again in a couple of weeks. If we have to win ugly there, we have to win ugly there. We've got to learn to do it both ways as we did last year, but tonight's performance was spot on."

Hereford scored late in the first half and shortly after the break.

"We've scored at good times, but like I said it's hard to keep talking about it, but if we keep doing well. We won 3-0. But again it should've been 5,6,7 maybe with the clear cut chances we had. Pablo has had one, John had one just before half time. 

"Second half the chances we had in the box, balls were flying across the goal, there's nobody there to tap it in, so we've got to stop doing it, but the timings are great.

"Any goal is a good goal doesn't matter what time of the game you get it.  But sometimes it is a hammer blow when you score just before halftime and then again just after. So perfect timing for us.

"Someone is going to get a thrashing, a proper sound hammering if we put one or two of those chances away."