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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Haysham Suspension Starts In A Week

Hereford FC's Pablo Haysham was given a straight red card yesterday at Romulus.

It was not immediately clear why the referee took this action but it's thought that he felt Haysham had reacted to a nasty challenge.

According to Martin Watson, Hereford FC's football secretary, suspensions start one week after the offence which means that Haysham can play in the FA Cup replay on Tuesday evening but will miss the games at Winchester on Setember 10th and the home game against Paulton on Septmeber 17th.

At this stage it's not certain whether the ban will be for two or three games.

Asked about the possibility of an appeal, Watson said they would look at the video and pictures.

"When you've got somebody wrapped around your legs how do you get out without some sort of contact?" was one comment.

Any appeal would be dealt with by the FA.